The Women’s Riding School, L3C, provides women motorcycle riders a safe learning environment where riders can thrive. Young and old, new and experienced – the Women’s Riding School (WRS) aims to educate.
We are a Not-for-Profit that focuses on fun, safety and education.
Low student to instructor ratio ensures everyone gets the attention they need.
All experience levels are welcome from novice to expert. Virtually any bike can be used as long as it passes our basic safety inspection. Cruisers, standards, sport bikes, dirt bikes, we’ve had them all.

Here’s what our Graduates are saying:

“I’m back in the office and yes, sill smiling!! I’ve been telling all my femal colleagues here who also ride they HAVE to do this next year!!  I was amazed at how much more confident I was on my bike riding home afterwards! Women’s Riding School increased my confidence so much… all in one day”

Mariann M. – (NH) WRS Graduate

“Thank you soooo much for putting this class on, it was the best day of my life. …I’m hooked now!!!”

Gina P.  – (MA) WRS Graduate

“I had a fabulous time with the WRS. I had NO IDEA how much better a  rider I could become in one day. I had an amazing ride back to NYC”.

Gina C. – (NY) WRS Graduate